Cee Lo Green’s net worth

Cee Lo Green’s net worth
cee lo green net worth


 Cee Lo Green’s real name is Thomas DeCarlo Callaway. Thomas DeCarlo Callaway adopted this name as a stage name.

Date of Birth:

          Cee Lo Green’s birth date is the 30th of May 1975.

Birth Place:

          Cee Lo Green was born in Atlanta, Georgia, United States.

Hair color:

 The hair color of Ceelo Green was bald. But his eye color was dark brown.

About Ceelo Green parents:

His father name was Thomas Burton.  And his mother name was Sheila j.

About his childhood:

First of all Ceelo went to Mays high school then he Riverside Military academy. Ceelo green was Chiristan.


          Cee Lo Green’s nationality is American.

Height and Weight:

          Cee Lo Green’s height is 5 ft. 6 inches or 1.69 m and his weight is 118 kg.


          He is a singer-songwriter, voice actor, rapper, music artist, actor, record producer.

Cee Lo Green’s Family:

          Cee Lo Green’s father died in 1977 when he was 2 years old. In 1981 when he was 16 years old his mother face an accident due to which she was paralyzed and died in 1983 after 2 years when he was 18 years old. He marries Christina Johnson in 2000 and becomes the stepfather of Christina’s two daughters, Kalah and Sierra. Then he divorced Christina Johnson in 2005.

Net Worth:

          The net worth of Cee Lo Green is $25 million.

Early Life:

          He was born in Atlanta, Georgia. Ceelo Green started his education at Benjamin E. May’s high school but drooped in 9th class. He became graduated from a high school for boys at Riverside Military Academy in Georgia. His mother and father were ministers. He started his career as a singer at a church.

            Since then, Cee Lo Green is a big fan of glam rock singer Gary Glitter, which was British.


          Professionally he started his career when he joins the group ‘Goodie Mob’. He with his group Goodie Mob in 1995 debut an album ‘Soul Food’, which ranks on top that year and breaks the records, and is termed as a defining effort in the Southern Rap scene.

In 1998, Goodie Mob went to release their other album ‘Still Standing’. This is also an awesome album and wins the hearts of people but ranks lower than their first album.

            In 1999, Cee Lo Green released a new album ‘World Party’, in an outstanding way. Which brings a lot of success for Goodie Mob and fame for Cee Lo Green.

            In the same year 1999, Cee Lo Green says goodbye to Goodie Mob and join Arista to start his own and independent career. After that, he releases two albums of his own which do not become famous and he wants to adjust his career properly.

            In 2002, the solo album released first by Cee Lo Green under Arista is ‘Cee Lo Green and His Perfect Imperfections’.

            In 2004, the second album released by Cee Lo Green under Arista is ‘Cee Lo Green Is the Soul Machine’. This album ranks number 2 on the Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Album Chart.

            In 2006, Green make progress when he created a duo with DJ Danger Mouse named as ‘Gnarls Barkley’.

            In the same year, they released the first song ‘Crazy’ of the first album named ‘St. Elsewhere’ which became very famous and ranked number 1 on UK charts.

            After that, in 2010 Cee Lo Green also released one more song ‘Forgot You’ which also become very famous. Then in the animated film ‘Hotel Transylvania’ worked as a voice actor. Later Cee Lo Green also became involved with the soundtracks of Twilight Saga, Eclipse, and The Kung Fu Panda.

 cee-lo green.. is the soul machine
album cee-lo green.. is the soul machine

    Recently, Cee Lo Green also join the reality show ‘The Voice’ as a judge.


Some of his famous albums are as follows:

  • St. Elsewhere (2006)
  •   Soul Food (1995)
  •   The Odd Couple (2008)
  •   Cee-Lo Green… Is the Soul Machine (2004)
  •   The Lady Killer (2010)
  •   Still Standing (1998)
  •   World Party (1999)
  •   Cee Lo’s Magic Moment (2012)
albums of cee lo green
famous albums of cee lo green

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