Joseph Henri Moissan:

Joseph Henri Moissan.
Joseph Henri Moissan.

Joseph Henri Moissan was born on September 28, 1852 in Paris. His father was minor officer of the eastern railway company. His father was not Jewish descent but His mother was Jewish descent. They relocated to Meaux. Where he was attend the local school. Joseph Henri Moissan left the school in 1870 without the grade. In 1871and 1872 Moissan became a trainee in pharmacy. Then he was started working for a chemist in Paris. Where Moissan was able to save a person poisoned with arsenic.

Then Joseph Henri decided to study of Chemistry and began first of the laboratory of Edmond Fermi. In 1873 he was passed the baccalaureat. This was necessary to study of university. After an earlier failed attempt in 1874. He also became qualified as first class Pharmacist. When he was in Paris he became a friend of the chemist Alexander Leon and the botanist Vasque. Joseph Henri published his first scientific paper, about Carbon dioxide and Oxygen metabolism in plant.

In 1874 he left the plant physiology and then turned toward inorganic Chemistry. After Moissan received his PH.D degree On cyanogen and its reactions to form cyanures in 1880. During 1880 Joseph Henri focused on fluorine Chemistry and especially the production of fluorine itself. Joseph Henri had no laboratory of his own. But he used many laboratories For example that of Charles Friedel. There he had access to a strong battery consisting of 90 bunsen cells Which made it possible to observe a gas produced by the electrolysis of Molten arsenic trichloride. The gas was reabsorbed by the arsenic trichloride. 

Joseph Henri Moissan
Joseph Henri Moissan

Full name:

Joseph Henri Moissan is his full name. 

Nick name:

Moissan is his nick name.

Date of Birth:

Joseph Henri was born on September 28, 1852. 

Date of death:

He died in Paris in February 1907. 

Cause of death:

Joseph Henri Moissan was died by Appendicitis. 

Member of International Atomic Committee:

In 1903 Moissan was elected member of the international Atomic Weights committee. Where he served until he was died.

The historical events in his life:

December 10, 1906 Joseph Henri was presented with the Nobel Prize for Chemistry for Isolating Chloride. Joseph won the Hofmann Gold Medal by German chemical society. 

Joseph Henri Moissan win noble prize
Joseph Henri Moissan win noble prize

Discoveries of Joseph Henri Moissan:

  • In 1885 Joseph Henri Moissan discovered that if potassium di fluoride is dissolved into liquid hydrogen at certain strength. The mixture remains a liquid. Joseph Henri also found that at subzero temperature the solution could be electrolyzed. 
  • He had earlier tried to electrolyze the solution at a higher temperature. It ruined the platinum equipment he was using. So he tried to carry out the same experiment at -50 degree C finally on June 26, 1886 He successfully electrolyzed the solution and isolated fluorine. 
  • Joseph Henri Moissan was also promoted to the post of professor of Toxicology. He continued his research with his students and discovered many new compounds such as Bromine tri fluoride, Oxygen di fluoride and Selenium tetra Chloride. As late as 1901, he discovered Sulfur hexafluoride along with his Doctoral student Paul Marie Alfred Lebeau.
JoJoseph Henri Moissan work
Joseph Henri Moissan work

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